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I am an author, a Muslim woman, and an American of Pakistani descent. 

I was born and raised in Pakistan. I came to New York after a hurried arranged marriage to a Pakistani doctor. When my boys started grade school, I started Grad school.  With a Masters in Health Administration, I began my 25-year career as a hospital administrator, vowing to slash the Emergency Room waiting time. 

Before I could catch my breath, my two sons were crossing over to the preteen phase, and knew just about nothing about being Muslim. In the absence of a Muslim community, I didn't know where to begin.  With time running out, my friends and I began the work of establishing a Muslim community on Staten Island, which culminated in the building of a mosque.

When my grandson Omar was diagnosed with autism, I left my career and co-founded the National Autism Association New York Metro chapter serving as its President from 2008-2011. 

I have spent the last several decades engaged in interfaith dialogue, most recently with The Cordoba Initiative.

My yearning to write was not lost on my husband, who continued to push me to write my memoir, and in September of 2014, I finally put pen to paper, or rather, finger to keyboard.

I live in New York City with my husband Khalid, a retired Hematologist/Oncologist, who makes sure I keep writing.

In this video interview, I talk about why I wrote this book. I also talk about the impact of the book in part 2 of this video interview.